Tijdschrift: Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse

Four years of adolescent alcohol related hospital treatments; Trends over time.

Authors: J.J. van Hoof. E. van Zanten, N. van der Lely.

To evaluate the trends occurring in the characteristics of adolescents treated for alcohol-related harm in Dutch hospital pediatric departments from 2007 to 2010.

From 2007, Dutch pediatricians (NSCK) collected data on adolescents treated for alcohol-related harm. We analyzed all data from 2007 to 2010, involving 1,616 completed questionnaires; 1,350 adolescents suffered from (severe) alcohol intoxication (reduced consciousness).

Over the four years studied, the number of reported adolescents increased significantly (from 297 in 2007 to 684 in 2010). Additionally, the gender ratio did not change (54% boys), but the average age increased (14.9 years in 2007 to 15.4 years in 2010); males accounted for the greatest proportion of the age change. With respect to intoxication characteristics, the mean blood alcohol content (BAC) in the treated adolescents was 1.84 gram/Liter and did not change over the four-year period. However, we observed an increase in the average number of hours of unconsciousness (from 2.2 hours in 2007 to 3.2 hours in 2010), but the in-hospital stay of the adolescents decreased (from 1.07 days in 2007 to 0.96 days in 2010).

Conclusion: Adolescent alcohol intoxication is an issue of continuing clinical and societal relevance, since the number of hospitalized adolescents is still increasing. Despite the severe consequences and longer periods of reduced consciousness, pediatricians were able to provide better care by shortening the in-hospital treatment time. For this growing group of, in time more heavily, intoxicated adolescents.


In deze studie van de NSCK (Nederlands Signalerings Centrum Kindergeneeskunde) analyseren we de trends over inmiddels 4 jaar registratie. De aantallen nemen nog steeds toe, nu tot meer dan 650 per jaar (2010). Alhoewel het percentage jongens en meisjes gelijk blijven, neemt de leeftijd van alleen de jongens toe. De gemiddelde promillages bleef gelijk, terwijl de gemiddelde duur van verminderd bewustzijn toenam.