Complementary Pediatrics

Complementary Pediatrics / Book 2, ISBN 978-953-308-63-9
A new approach in adolescent alcohol intoxication; clinical pediatric experience and research combined.

Authors: E. van Zanten, J.J. van Hoof, N. van der Lely.

Misuse of alcohol has become a pediatric health care issue during the last decade. In clinical practice, patients are first treated in an acute care setting. After sobering up, follow-up treatment starts in an outpatient department. To cope with the increasing numbers of underage patients with alcohol intoxication, special programs have been developed to improve follow-up treatment of these patients. The focus has shifted towards underlying neuropsychological and social problems. The main goals of the program are behavioral changes and  prevention of new events. The physiology of alcohol metabolism is clear, however in children and adolescents definitions of binge-drinking, problematic alcohol use and alcohol abuse are overlapping. Research is being done on epidemiology, risk factors and consequences that should be cleared up further. In particular, concerns about brain damage in young adolescents are a topic of interest. Besides medical attention being paid to this new patient group, policymakers should increase awareness of the dangers of alcohol use. National and international policies differ substantially in legal drinking age and location of purchase. Media attention and marketing also have a huge influence on the drinking behavior of adolescents.


In dit boekhoofdstuk staat een overzicht van de bestaande literatuur en onze eigen ervaringen. Onder andere risicofactoren voor alcohol misbruik, de gevolgen ervan, methodes om dit beter in kaart te brengen, mogelijkheden van vragenlijsten, de resultaten van de landelijke registratie en de resultaten van de polikliniek.